The Good and Bad of More Poker Android Sites

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As many poker players are aware of, the mobile game is growing more and more each day. This means that players have more mobile poker sites to choose from than ever before. So if you own an Android phone, this gives you a lot of variety. There are plenty of other benefits to the increased number of poker Android sites too. However, we'd be remiss if we didn't also mention that there is a downside as well. This being said, let's discuss the good and bad of more poker rooms in the Android world.

The Good

As in any industry, competition drives companies to bring forth their best product and service. Such is the case with mobile poker as many sites are making improvements to their product. This has led to more poker games and stakes being offered throughout the wireless world. Rather than only having Texas Hold'em available, players can now choose from Omaha, PLO, Badugi, Razz and Stud, depending upon the site they go with.

Another positive development with more poker Android rooms is that options and features have improved. Lobbies offer filters and buttons so that players can quickly find the game they want. Multi-tabling has also become available through Android devices, which is something that many sites didn't even bother with in the past.

One additional thing to like here is that you'll find more varied player pools out there now. What we mean by this is that some sites feature huge tournaments that attract lots of pros, while others offer smaller tournaments which draw more fish who aren't chasing big money. So you can pick what you prefer based on poker rooms' sizes and reputations.

The Bad

There's not really too much negative to report on a growing number of mobile poker rooms. However, if we have one complaint, it's that dozens of poker sites make it harder for new players to choose a quality operation. In order to avoid picking an unsavory and/or crappy mobile poker site, be sure to read as many reviews as possible.


As long as you can find a good poker room to play at through your Android, you should have an excellent time with mobile poker. But once again, be sure to check out reviews before signing up anywhere.


Party Poker continues to deliver Excellent Promotions

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Most online poker sites have caught on to the fact that they need to offer quality promotions and bonuses to do well. But some internet poker rooms go above and beyond what's needed to make players happy. Party Poker is definitely one of the sites that go the extra mile. From their 'Game of the Week' to the Party Poker bonus code, players have no shortage of opportunities to earn free cash. That said, let's discuss Party's promos more in depth.

Long-term Promotions

There are certain Party Poker offers that you can expect on a regular basis. For starters, there's the Cash Booster, which is a weekly $5,000 freeroll with four different ways to enter. Players who love tournaments will definitely appreciate the fact that Party runs 400 new tourneys every week. This lineup is anchored by the ever-popular Sunday $200k Gtd. Also be sure to look for the WPT Steps Challenge, where, for as little as 10 points, you can play your way towards a World Poker Tour prize package.

One more long-term promo worth mentioning is the signup bonus, which can be obtained through two different codes. The first bonus code is "SCORE25," and this immediately gets you $25 in free money as long as you deposit at least $50. The other code is "PKR500" and when you use it and deposit a minimum of $25, you'll be eligible for a 100% up to $500 match bonus.

Revolving Promotions

Party Poker is constantly coming up with fresh new ways to dispense free cash to players. That said, some of their promos only last for a short time. A few of the most interesting ideas that Party has come up with in the past include Party Nights (win tickets to European music festivals), Summer Sale (buy merchandise at discounts), Pokerinho Cup (World Cup-themed tourneys), Cash Game Mission and more.


Keep in mind that this only scratches the surface of what you'll find among Party's promotions. And if you participate in these offers while also chasing your signup bonus, you can definitely earn lots of free cash at this site. Moreover, you'll have a larger bankroll to participate in huge tourneys like the $200k Gtd!


Popular sports among online bookmakers in Australia

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Australia’s online bookmakers are not just a place to punt on sports such as soccer, rugby and horse racing.

Many of them, realizing that online gaming is a major force in the competition for punting funds, offer various casino games that supply a nice interlude from the sports punting scene.

Anyone who has any interest in trying their hand at casino games, such as poker, roulette, slots or even bingo, can be the recipient of some exceedingly generous free bets in exchange for signing up for a wagering account.

Some punters may find games such as roulette or slots a rejuvenating departure from the analysis generally necessary for sensible sports punting, a chance to relax and simply let the element of chance determine the outcome.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but just as it is necessary to take a hiatus from work of any kind, it is often beneficial to take some time away from analising racing form books or trying to sort through all the factors that might influence the outcome of the footy.

When sorting through the free bet offers of the online bookmakers with regard to online gaming in casino-oriented games, there is a simple rule of thumb to apply:

The larger the bonus, the more restrictions that are likely to be attached and the higher will be the “rake,” or the fee that the bookmaker will command in exchange for providing access.

The exact terms and conditions of any free bets or bonuses are, by law, divulged on the bookmakers’ websites. Many people, for some reason, fail to take the time to completely comprehend what exactly it is they are getting when they establish a new wagering account, and are therefore disappointed when they run into requirements that somehow reduce their perception of the value of what they thought they were getting compared to what they actually receive.

This is a little odd, given that the bookmakers are striving hard to provide the resources to make their offers clear and easy to understand. Most have live chat and telephone customer service, in addition to online tutorials, that will explain the entire process to whatever degree necessary in order to avoid an unhappy customer who claims that he or she felt deceived in some manner. It is just sound business for the bookmakers to do this, since legal requirements to which they must adhere must be followed.


Texas Holdem also called Texas Hold’em is a popular standard variant of poker

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Texas Holdem also called Texas Hold’em is a popular standard variant of poker. Texas Holdem is popularly played in many real and online casinos. It is also the form of poker played during the ESPN World Poker Series and at other recognized poker tournaments.

Playing Texas Holdem is quite easy if you know and understand the rules. It starts with the Deal and the Blinds. The dealer shuffles the deck of cards (standard 52-deck of cards) and then deals. In a standard casino, the dealer doesn’t play in the game. The dealer only deals and the players get to be dealers moving in a clockwise direction.

In most Texas Holdem games, the two players to the left of the dealer would first place an amount of money in the game pot before the cards are even dealt, even in the mobile era, where people use to play mobile games. This ensures that there is always money to be played for at each hand. Setting the money in the pot is known as posting the blinds and it is done before the cards are dealt. The usual practice of posting the blind involves the first player to the left of the dealer posting half the minimum bet amount and the second player putting up the full bet amount.

Once the blinds have been posted, the dealer deals two cards to each player. The two cards are called the “hole cards.” Once the hole cards have been dealt, the actual betting can begin starting from the player just to the left of the two players that posted blinds. Each player has the right to call, or raise or even fold when it gets to their turn to place a bet.

After the first round of betting, the dealer removes the top card or burns the card as it is called and then deals the next three cards on the table, face up. This move is known as the flop. After the flop, another round of betting or calling, raising or folding takes place with the players taking turns.

The dealer then burns another top card and drops a fourth card faced up on the table. This card is called the “fourth street” or the “turn.” After this another round of betting takes place, before another top card is burned by the dealer and the fifth and final card is placed face up on the table. The fifth card is called the river.

After the river card has been placed, final round of betting takes place and then the players can combine their two hold cards with any five open cards on the table to form their best possible poker hand.


Play Online Roulette for Fun

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In the bad old days, playing roulette at the casino was the preserve of rich individuals with exceedingly deep pockets. The good news is that nowadays the boot is very much on the other foot. The rise of online roulette means that ordinary people can now get a piece of the action as well.

Playing the roulette wheel at or any other trustworthy site, is an exciting experience, but it used to be out of bounds to persons of meager means. Nowadays, however, it is possible to play roulette purely for fun and at little or no cost. In fact, you can go online and play roulette at a host of websites and in many cases it will not cost you a penny to join in the fun!

To be fair, once people get a taste for the game, they may fancy chancing their arm in a bid to win big money. Unfortunately, there is a world of difference between playing online for fun and playing it obsessively to win big bucks. More often than not, this is a form of gambling addiction and it is sure to end in tears.

Furthermore, the arena of roulette online has been targeted by scammers in recent times. These scammers understand how human greed operates. They try to snare new users with a free sign up and even free money to place your first bet. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a slippery slope to gambling addiction. What many users find is that they lose big old chunk of change but then they keep going back for more in a desperate bid to win back the cash they have lost. This is like going from the frying pan into the fire!

Anyone who thinks they stand a chance of making big profit is deluding themselves. That’s because roulette has always been designed to fleece players who think they can beat the odds. The bottom line is that this is a game of chance and it should only be played for fun.

Jackpotjoy Gets Bingo Right

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Bingo is a game that has been popular for many years, allowing players to enjoy some fun that can win them money without spending a lot of money. In its early stages, people had to find local bingo halls in which to play games. Many churches would host these sessions as a way to get everyone together without breaking the rules of the church. However, today, with all the websites that have appeared, it is now easier than ever to play Bingo online for real money whenever you desire. The rules of the game are much the same, fill your card to the specified pattern to win, but the variations are much greater, allowing you to find a game that really entertains you.

Snap Bingo

Snap Bingo is a variation of Bingo available at Jackpotjoy that calls the Bingo numbers in a slightly different way. This game combines the fun of cards and Bingo all into one entertaining game. To play this game, you start with a full hand of cards. Depending on the hand you hold, you could win instantly! Pairs will also double the value of your Bingo card, while a three-of-a-kind hand will offer you three times the winnings, for instance. The better your hand, the more you will win. As the cards are drawn, you match them to your hand, spelling out SNAP, to win.

Super Snap Bingo

Super Snap Bingo works in much the same way as Snap Bingo. The value of your Bingo card is multiplied, depending on the hand you are dealt. When you match your hand and the word SNAP, you will win. The main difference is you can buy up to five hands to play at once, allowing you to win even more money. Playing all five hands gives you the chance at the Lucky Charm Jackpot as well.

Online Bingo for Real Money

Bejeweled Bingo 

Bejeweled is a game that has grown in popularity throughout the Internet. At Jackpotjoy, we combined this fantastic game with Bingo to make both games even more fun. The Bingo portion of the game operates much like regular Bingo, allowing players to win various prizes. However, those who play six cards or more at a time are entered into a bonus Bejeweled round. During this round, you can earn free tickets and even more prizes. 

Bingo Royale 

This fun version of Bingo allows you to play for three jackpots all at the same time. In addition to winning prizes in your typical Bingo fashion, Bingo Royale draws a certain number of extra balls at the end of each round, based on the number of barks by the royal dogs. If you obtain a full house during this round, you win that jackpot, which is progressive so it grows when no one wins. The Super Jackpot is the third jackpot, allowing you to win if you obtain a full house in 36 balls or fewer. 

Bingo 90 Ball 

The Bingo 90 Ball games available at Jackpotjoy allow you to enjoy the traditional method of playing Bingo while you have fun chatting with other players. If you join before a new game picks up, you will see a counter in the middle to tell you when the next game begins. Once the game begins, you only need to pay attention to the caller for your chance to win big.

When it comes to Bingo, Jackpotjoy has the market cornered in fun variations. Try one or try them all for entertainment that can easily last hours!


The Genre Split in Poker

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Poker has been accepted so well worldwide that most players are always looking for the next hip, different genres of the poker game. There is a lot of buzz that the casinos are now trying their hands and coming up with introducing poker events exclusively for couples.

If such a thing happens, then the poker lovers especially both the males as well as females who love to play poker and are married will get a chance to play poker together and win some good amount of money.

Considering the popularity of poker, it is important to come with new and new formats of the game, add a distinct touch to the game, and make it more fun and exciting for the players to play poker.

With some mobile casinos,you can play in two ways. You can either download the mobile casino so thatyou can play even when you are offline. Or you can play right from your phone'sinternet browser. That way you can play games like mobile roulette forreal money instantly.

Tips on How to Play Online Video Poker

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You don’t have to worry about playing online video poker after making financial deposits. You can choose to play these types of online games for free, at Unibet or any of the other great sites out there, or after paying some fee. This is also true when you play online sports betting on sports betting sites, and like sports betting, Video poker is available at almost all the online casinos that you can come across. This game can be played by people interested in improving their skills, or those looking into earning some money through wins. Start by getting hold of any information you can find regarding players’ clubs. A number of casinos allow players to earn some free slot play which after a period of time, gets converted to allow them to take part in video poker.

There are several sports and gambling or online gaming destinations where people can play the online video poker, and place their sports bets, However, in order for you to stand a better chance of posting some wins, you will have to invest in discount books. There are numerous examples of guide books you can order online to help you play the video poker and win. Secondly, the discount books allow you to acquire coupons with which you can play video poker at online casinos. Try to sign up for casino mailing lists and you will receive newsletters where you will find invitation too attend video poker or sports betting tournaments.

You should never ignore invitation to attend or participate in slot poker or sports tournaments. These tournaments are free and they are played with the intention of finding out the player with the most credits. However, you must use the allotted playing time to finish with as many credits as you possibly can. As long as you manage to earn the most credits, you will get the first prize. This is an opportunity which prevents players with the chance to win some remarkable prizes without paying anything in return. Even if you fail to get the top prize, there are several other rewards that are given out to all high finishers.

To conclude, before starting any playing online, weather it's online sports bets, or other casino games of your choice, you should make sure you play at the right site, and receive all the bonuses available for you as a player.

Why online casinos are better

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An online casino like Unibet casino online is just like a brick and mortar casino in many ways but of course the differences are much easier to spot. When making a decision, if you want to drive down to a local gambling hall or stay at home and fire up your favorite online casino, you need to take into account a couple of things!

A brick and mortar casino is a very lively setting where you can enjoy drinks, some casual talks, and hopefully a winning session at the tables. An online casino offers the comfort of your own home with the option to do whatever you want, whenever you want. The freedom is much bigger when playing in an online casino compared to the brick and mortar place in the middle of the city.

It’s important to realize that you spend a lot more money on a night downtown in your local casino compared to an online casino. Let’s say you wager €100 in both places you’re more likely to lose a lot more in the actual casino. Besides the wagered amount there are a lot more costs to playing in a live casino. Just think of parking fees, gas, drinks and a fancy meal in one of the many restaurants.

Your wagered €100 might even be less than the money spent on extras while the same money online literally represents its value. If you win €100 in a live casino you might just cover the night’s expense, meanwhile a €100 win in an online casino immediately gives you a nice bonus. So there you have it, if you just want to gamble casually it’s much better to just stay at home and play your favorite games online.